Quality control process

MEIYUAN industries corporation has been engaged in adhesive tape application industry for 30 years.

We strictly control the quality of products and have strict intermediate control procedures. The Enterprise Quality Management System consists of a Quality Manual, dozens of Procedure Documents, dozens of Operation Instructions and dozens of Administrative Rules, and constantly update according to the actual work.

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification Certificate was authorized, and timely recheck the certificate as required.

Our products are certified by SGS

MEIYUAN laboratory

MEIYUAN laboratory

R&D of glue

R&D of glue

4.Tensile machine

Tensile Machine


Silicon Measuring Instrument

5.R&D capacity

R&D Capacity

6.holding power test

Holding Power Test

7.Peel Adhesion (180

Peel Adhesion (180)

8.Tack Rolling Ball

Tack Rolling Ball